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Ivan Munoz Letelier

Borja Parra

Linnea Stålhammar

Osteopathy treats different kinds of acute or chonical problems, such as back pain, neck pain, hernia, migraines, headache, otitis, tinnitus, dizziness, digestive problems, stress, respiratoty difficulties, asthma, sprains and urinary infection.

We practice a soft medicine, using manual technics to examine and treat injuries leading to functional pain. We treat pregnant women, newborn and children, adults, athlets and old people. A fundamental principle of osteopathy is finding root causes. The human body is considered as a whole, and we work to restore mobility where it has been reduced.

Ivan Munoz Letelier


I hold a masters degree from Institut Supérieur d'Osthéopathie (ISO). In order to always advance my understanding of the human being, I regularly attend seminars at the Faculté de Médecine in Paris.

For pregnant women and newborn

For a better pregnancy and birth, osteopathy can help you.

I also work with postnatal care for women and newborn.

If your baby suffers from colic, cranial deformation, flat head, gastric reflux or sleeping problems, please feel free to get in touch and set up an appointment to improve the well-being of mother and child. I also treat pregnancy related problems such as back pain and leg pain, and provide birth preparation.


Having previously taught at the bachelor program in Osteopathy at Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo, I am preparation for post-graduate classes in visceral anatomy and cranial and biodynamic osteopathy, in addition to yoga and breathing classes. Stay tuned!

Borja Parra

Back in 1998, during my four year BA in Physical Education in Madrid, I did an additional course in sports- and relaxing massage. With that, my interest and journey in holistic, preventative health and therapy began.

Alongside working as a Personal Trainer, I then did a BA in Physiotherapy, graduating in 2006, and proceeded to work as a physiotherapist for 15 years, both in Spain and France.

Though fulfilling, I felt that this work lacked something deeper and more complete. I want to treat the my patients globally, as a whole. This brought me on a 14 month trip across Asia, studying yoga, meditation and Chi Nei Tsang (energetic massage of the abdominal region), giving me a deeper knowledge of the spiritual side of the human being.

This journey eventually brought me back to France, to continue with my professional career and to begin my MA in Osteopathy in Lyon, at the Andrew Taylor Still Academy, graduating in 2018.

Linnea Stålhammar

I found Osteopathy in my late twenties after being inspired by travelling, yoga, organic farming, sports and digestion issues. All experiences combined inspired my curiosity in seeing people through a holistic lense.

I meet patients with the mindset that bodily pains are complex and affected by life experiences, habits, mindset and life situation. Therefore my treatments are focused on the person as a whole, and not necessarily just on the specific problems presented.

I receive patients from all phases in life from sports injuries, pregnancy related pains, back and neck problems to digestion issues. An osteopathic treatment to me is a collaboration, where we figure it out together so changes can be more long-term.

I recently graduated from a 4-year Osteopathy degree from Kristiania University College. I am also a yoga teacher in Hatha/Vinyasa, Mindful yoga and Women’s yoga with a special interest in how the menstrual cycle affect our bodies and life.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 10:00 - 20:00


In case of emergency, you can contact me by phone: (+47) 46 44 46 06

Practical information

The consultations can take place in Norwegian, English, Italian (Ivan), Spanish (Borja and Ivan) or French (Borja and Ivan).

Lenght of the consultations

The first consultation is 1 hour
The next consultation is 45 min


Ivan Munoz : 1150 kr for the first consultation
Ivan Munoz : 890 kr for the next ones

Borja Parra : 930 kr for the first consultation
Borja Parra : 750 kr for the next ones

Linnea Stålhammar : 850 kr for the first consultation
Linnea Stålhammar : 720 kr for the next ones

How to find

Public transport:

- Tram 19 Homansbyen

- Tram 11 Rosenborg

- Bus 21. 17B Homansbyen

- T-Bann Majorstuen (10 min)


Possibility of parking : Bogstadveien 1P-Hus